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Greensboro Emergency Dentist

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Dental emergencies are almost always painful and stressful, but for Greensboro patients of Lake Oconee Dentistry, you can rely on your trusted dentist and dental team to provide fast emergency dentistry services. In most cases, we’re able to see patients on the same day they contact us to relieve pain and restore their full, healthy smiles.


Common Dental Emergencies

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If you’re in pain or think a damaged tooth requires urgent treatment, our team will take your word for it! When you call our team during a dental emergency, we’ll help you determine how quickly we need to provide treatment. One of our knowledgeable team members will also walk you through first aid and pain management over the phone. Some of the most common emergencies we see in our Greensboro dental office include:

What to Do During a Dental Emergency

Every emergency and every patient is different, but one of our Greensboro dental team members will be happy to walk you through at-home care and pain management for any dental emergency over the phone. Some basic steps to caring for your smile during dental emergencies include:

  1. Take a breath – try to remain calm. We know this is difficult, but do your best. Elevated heart rate and blood pressure can make even a small oral health issue seem more severe.
  2. Assess the situation – look at the damaged part of your smile carefully to help us provide accurate guidance.
  3. Call our team – once you have a good understanding of the situation, contact our office. We’ll help you relieve pain and schedule an appointment for you to begin repairing your smile right away.
  4. Clean – use cool water to remove blood or debris from the mouth or damaged tooth. Don’t brush your teeth or use toothpastes or mouthwashes to clean the damaged area until we direct you to do so.
  5. Cold – use cold compresses at 20 minute intervals (20 on and 20 off) to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, slow bleeding, and prevent swelling.
  6. Pain relievers – you can and should take over the counter pain medications as directed, but do not place an aspirin directly onto the damaged tooth.

How to Avoid Dental Emergencies

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Many dental emergencies cannot be avoided, despite best efforts. However, there are some small changes that can significantly reduce your risk for experiencing a dental emergency including:

When Care from Medical Professionals is Necessary

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If you’re ever concerned your dental emergency may be life threatening, please proceed to your nearest emergency room. Our team will be happy to provide dental treatment to repair any damaged parts of the smile in partnership with these medical professionals, but first, we want to ensure your health and safety.

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