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Are You Too Old for Cosmetic Dentistry?

December 21, 2023

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An old man admiring his smile in a hand mirror

If you’re a senior, the coming year can bring mixed feelings. It may remind you that you’re getting “too old” for some things. However, 2024 shouldn’t keep you from a pretty smile. The truth is that you’re never too old for cosmetic dentistry! Whatever your age, aesthetic dental work can utterly transform your grin. Your local Greensboro dentist will even prove this fact. So, here’s why dental cosmetics have no age limit and examples of senior-friendly care.

Dental Cosmetics Have No Age Limit

Honestly, age isn’t a big factor in cosmetic dentistry. Ideal candidates just need to have decently strong mouths. (If oral health is poor, cosmetic work isn’t a good idea.) Otherwise, you’re free to get aesthetic services at any age – 65, 95, or even older.

That said, seniors are more likely to have prior oral issues. The risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and similar problems rises with age. Therefore, your dentist may need to address such things before your treatment. A cavity or infection could ruin your cosmetic results if they don’t.

What Treatments Could a Senior Get?

Overall, seniors could benefit from cosmetic dental services. Good examples of the latter include:

Dental Bonding

For dental bonding, a dentist applies tooth-colored resin to your teeth. The procedure thus hides minor smile flaws – stains, chips, cracks, etc. Better yet, its resin matches and blends with your other teeth.

Luckily, dental bonding is fine for any age group. This treatment’s resin isn’t toxic and won’t harm enamel or gums. Still, note that its results are short-lived; you’ll need a touch-up every few years.

Teeth Whitening

Per the name, teeth whitening brightens your smile. It relies on bleaching gel to remove stains from your tooth enamel. The result is typically a grin that’s six to eight shades whiter.

In fact, whitening is ideal for older patients. Its gel is non-toxic, and seniors tend to have stained teeth. As such, the procedure is highly effective when you’re aged.

Porcelain Veneers

Put simply, veneers are shells placed on the fronts of teeth. Dentists use them to hide a patient’s various smile flaws. Since the shells use porcelain, the results are typically beautiful and lifelike.

Of course, veneers are also safe for seniors. Placing them does remove enamel, but the shells compensate for this loss. Even so, patients should remember this prep work when considering them.

Once again, you’ll never be too old for cosmetic dentistry. Given that fact, talk to your dental provider in the new year!

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