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Nervous? Contact Your Sedation Dentist in Greensboro!

July 31, 2017

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How can your sedation dentist in Greensboro help you?Do your palms get sweaty when someone mentions your upcoming dental appointment? Or maybe your body tenses up when the dental hygienist says, “open wide!” If so, you shouldn’t let your dental phobia keep you from getting the dental care your smile needs and deserves. If you’re most patients, it can—which only makes your dental issues worse. Our dental team at Lake Oconee Dentistry understands it’s not the easiest thing to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment for something you absolutely dread. Fortunately, we have a sedation dentist in Greensboro that can help you feel comfortable receiving dental treatments to keep your oral health up to par.

Overcome Your Fear with Your Sedation Dentist in Greensboro

At Lake Oconee Dentistry, we stand strong by the idea that anyone should feel relaxed when they visit a dental office for treatments. It’s important to us that you have a positive dental experience. That’s why we offer oral conscious sedation for patients that are going to undergo a treatment that may make them feel uneasy.

Are you a good candidate for oral conscious sedation?

If you’re considering sedation dentistry from our office, ask yourself these questions. If you answer yes to them, you may be the perfect candidate for this sedative:

  • Do you struggle with the idea of facing an upcoming dental treatment?
  • Do you have a low tolerance for pain?
  • Do you have highly sensitive teeth?
  • Is it difficult for you to sit in one place for an extended period of time?
  • Do you have a strong gag reflex?
  • Are you trying to complete multiple dental treatments in a single office visit?

What will my dental appointment look like?

If you answered yes to any of those questions—even all of them—you can receive the dental care that you need. Typically, this is how a dental appointment will work if you need assistance from our doctors and this sedative.

  • If we confirm that you’re a good candidate for oral conscious sedation, we will prescribe you the medication to take that day.
  • On the day of your appointment, you will orally take the sedative just about an hour before your procedure or treatment. You should have an escort to bring you to your appointment and take you home afterward.
  • By the time you are sitting in the dental chair, you will be completely relaxed and anxiety-free while your dentist works on your teeth.

What can I expect after my dental appointment?

One good thing about oral conscious sedation is that you’re never put to sleep. Many patients do tend to drift off into a drowsy nap while their dentist completes their dental treatments. Once your appointment is complete, you can take your time to recover in our comfortable lounge until the effects wear off. When you’re feeling more alert and back to your “normal self,” your escort can drive you home and monitor you for a few following hours.

Schedule Your Next Appointment in Confidence!

Have you been avoiding calling your dental office? It’s time to face your fears in confidence with the help of our caring, compassionate dental team at Lake Oconee Dentistry. Call us today to arrange a relaxed visit with a dentist in Greensboro.