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Beautiful Smiles Through Cosmetic Veneers

June 9, 2011

ARE YOU UNHAPPY WITH YOUR UNEVEN AND/OR DISCOLORED SMILE? Have you noticed small chips or cracks in any of your teeth? Well, don’t worry—Drs. David and Patti Bradley and Dr. Boswell can help! Dental veneers are an affordable and reliable solution to imperfect smiles, and here at Lake Oconee Dentistry, we’re highly experienced in cosmetic veneer treatments.

Dental veneers are a form of cosmetic dentistry in which the surface of the tooth is covered with a layer of tooth-colored porcelain composite to protect the tooth from additional damage, and give you the beautiful smile you desire. In fact, veneers can solve most, if not all, of your cosmetic dental issues, including:

Uneven Tooth Alignment: Through the years your teeth can become uneven as a result of grinding, or wear and tear.

Wide Spacing: Veneers can (if needed) add an extra layer to widely spaced teeth, filling in those gaps, and giving you a more symmetrical smile.

Worn Enamel: Over time, the thin protective layer of enamel that covers your teeth may become dulled, discolored, and worn. Though this can sometimes be caused by genetics, it’s usually the result of smoking or drinking soft drinks, coffee, and/or tea.

Wear And Tear: As we age, our teeth naturally wear down and become less resilient. Aged teeth are also more susceptible to minor cracks and chips.

Here at Lake Oconee Dentistry we can help you change the color, shape, alignment, spacing, and length of your teeth using cosmetic veneers! Cosmetic veneers are considered a form of cosmetic dentistry because they create vibrant and beautifully aligned smiles—but, they also protect the surface of your teeth and can help eliminate future damage and additional treatment!

Here’s a short overview video about veneers from the American Dental Association:

Many times, in just two or three visits to our practice, you can walk away with a brand new, gorgeous smile. So what are you waiting for?! Set up an appointment with Drs. Bradley and Dr. Boswell today to determine if veneers are right for you!

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Designing Your Perfect Smile With Smile Design

March 5, 2011

HERE’S THE TRUTH… Not all of us are in love with the way our smiles look. It’s understandable. Through genetics and the wear and tear that occurs day in and day out, many of us end up with a smile that we’re not so crazy about. But no need to worry. That’s where cosmetic dentistry here at Lake Oconee Dentalin Greensboro can make a difference.

Cosmetic dentistry, also referred to as smile design, consists of any procedure used to improve the look of your smile. This can include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and dental implants. All of which are provided by the dentists at Lake Oconee Dental and their experienced, friendly team.

“Smile Design” utilizes the leading-edge techniques, artistic skills, and knowledge the dentists have developed—combined with their eye for aesthetic appeal that creates smiles their patients proudly display. All of the doctors here strive for perfection in every service they offer, and the cosmetic dentistry options are no different. Your complete satisfaction and confidence with your new smile is our highest priority.Studies show that an investment in your smile is one of the easiest and least invasive things you can do to improve your self confidence. Do you remember ABC’s Extreme Makeover show a few years ago? When many of the makeover recipients were asked, “What is the one thing you did that made the biggest difference in the way you feel about yourself?” they replied “My smile makeover.”Not all of us can look like the movie stars below, but think of the self confidence you could have if you loved your smile:

After an initial consultation with Dr. Bradley, Dr. Bradley, or Dr. Boswell we can provide the custom-designed cosmetic dentistry procedures that are tailored to your needs. Call 706.453.1333 or eMail us today to learn more about what we can do for you—and that perfect smile that awaits.

Let Us Know What You Think!

December 4, 2010

HERE AT LAKE OCONEE, YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED WE TALK about smiles a lot. We’ll admit, we’re a little obsessed with them. So for today, we’re interested in your opinions about smiles! Please take a moment and let us know what you think…

Does A Smile Need “Perfection” To Be Wonderful?Recently we came across an article from a teeth whitening review website. In the article they reviewed 5,000 female celebrity smiles and made a judgment on who they thought have the top 10 best smiles. The list and judgements are completely subjective, of course, but still fun to look at.And now for our opinion…a smile does not need to be perfect to be beautiful. From the pictures we see, of course we can tell that some of the celebrity’s smiles are closer to “textbook” perfect than others. What we think is that it has a lot to do with how comfortable someone is when they smile! We all know those types of people–maybe they don’t have a Hollywood “perfect” smile, but it’s engaging, attractive, and remarkable. It’s their comfort level showing through!Are you comfortable with the smile you have? Having that level of comfort can make such a big difference in the way you live your life. We see it time and time again at our office. Even small, subtle changes make a huge difference in the lives of many of our patients. Please, never feel hesitant or embarrassed about visiting with any of our staff. Dr. Patti or David Bradley or Dr. Phil Boswell are always available to talk about your smile.

OK… Now We’d Like To Hear What You Think!

Do you agree with the list above? Is there anyone you would want to include or exclude?You can submit a comment below, or even better, click on the Facebook logo and comment on our Facebook wall. You could even upload a photo there of somebody you know who has a remarkable smile. Share! We look forward to hearing from you.And, as always, thanks for being our valued friends and patients.

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