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Some Simple Basics About Dental Implants

December 14, 2010

FROM THE MOST COMMON THINGS, INCLUDING WEAR AND TEAR, TO TRAUMA OR DISEASE, many adults have experienced permanent tooth loss.Regardless of the level of loss, discomfort and/or lack of confidence are common side effects. Of course, permanent tooth loss is something Drs. Patti, David and Phil and their team always do their best to prevent. However, it isn’t always possible. The great news is that today there are beautiful and functional solutions.Implant dentistry is not something new, although from its original origins in the 50’s it has indeed come a long way. Initial discoveries came when scientists learned how bones can fuse with titanium, making natural bone support possible. Today, Lake Oconee Dentistry uses this original discovery to copy the root and tooth system that your mouth naturally has.

Implants are first placed within the gum line. Then, they are given about 3–6 months healing time to ensure that there is complete and proper fusion with the bone. After the implants have healed, the custom crown, bridge, or dentures can be placed. After this placement (unlike traditional dentures or bridges) the solution is much stronger and long lasting, giving you the confident smile you deserve.

As with most dental procedures, dental implants begin with a consultation with Dr. Patti Bradley, Dr. David Bradley, or Dr. Phil Boswell to help with any questions and allow them the chance to create a custom-tailored plan that best meets your needs.

Here is a simple video illustration of just how simply dental implants work:

To learn more about how implant dentistry corrects and enhances smiles, schedule an appointment to visit with us.

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Let Us Know What You Think!

December 4, 2010

HERE AT LAKE OCONEE, YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED WE TALK about smiles a lot. We’ll admit, we’re a little obsessed with them. So for today, we’re interested in your opinions about smiles! Please take a moment and let us know what you think…

Does A Smile Need “Perfection” To Be Wonderful?Recently we came across an article from a teeth whitening review website. In the article they reviewed 5,000 female celebrity smiles and made a judgment on who they thought have the top 10 best smiles. The list and judgements are completely subjective, of course, but still fun to look at.And now for our opinion…a smile does not need to be perfect to be beautiful. From the pictures we see, of course we can tell that some of the celebrity’s smiles are closer to “textbook” perfect than others. What we think is that it has a lot to do with how comfortable someone is when they smile! We all know those types of people–maybe they don’t have a Hollywood “perfect” smile, but it’s engaging, attractive, and remarkable. It’s their comfort level showing through!Are you comfortable with the smile you have? Having that level of comfort can make such a big difference in the way you live your life. We see it time and time again at our office. Even small, subtle changes make a huge difference in the lives of many of our patients. Please, never feel hesitant or embarrassed about visiting with any of our staff. Dr. Patti or David Bradley or Dr. Phil Boswell are always available to talk about your smile.

OK… Now We’d Like To Hear What You Think!

Do you agree with the list above? Is there anyone you would want to include or exclude?You can submit a comment below, or even better, click on the Facebook logo and comment on our Facebook wall. You could even upload a photo there of somebody you know who has a remarkable smile. Share! We look forward to hearing from you.And, as always, thanks for being our valued friends and patients.

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